Kelli Reutman

front-end developer

Architecture for Extreme Environments - Snow


Architecture for Extreme Environments is an immersive learning class at Ball State University that gives graduate-level students the chance to design and build portable structures that would enable survival in extreme environments. In 2017, the students traveled to Mt. Baker, Washington. Our job at the Digital Corps was to document their planning process and trip out West with an interactive website for family members and potential employers to view.


I was a designer and lead front-end developer for this project.

With the other two designers, I helped create the style guide for the class (also used in marketing efforts), decide on site architecture and page layouts, and brainstorm engaging interactive elements. I was specifically in charge of the overall design for the Student Work and student profile pages.

I took charge of the front-end development, communicating our progress and needs with the rest of the team. I also upheld the integrity of our final designs, making sure the pages were coded just as they were intended. I was specifically in charge of the student profile pages, the About Mount Baker page, which included three interactive graphics, and the menu, which was created with SVG and JavaScript.

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Department of Architecture, Ball State University


August 2017–April 2018

Skills & Tools

Web design, logo design, responsive design, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Flexbox, SVG

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