Kelli Reutman

front-end developer

The Chirper


Any Ball State student knows that a fundamental part of being a Cardinal is being able to chirp. The Ball State Chirper App was originally created in 2008 to do just that: chirp. Nine years later, Apple politely kicked the original app out of their store, so the team at Digital Corps decided it was time to revamp it and help a new generation of students show their school pride.

The app now includes four parts: the classic chirper, a fight-song lyric video, several BSU-themed games, and a downloadable sticker pack. Marketing began in July 2018 and has over 1,000 downloads from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


I was the lead designer and front-end developer for this project.

As the sole designer for this app, I was in charge of creating the wireframes and mockups then coding them in React Native. I had a lot of creative freedom with the designs as long as the colors and fonts stayed within the Ball State branding guidelines. On the development part of the project, I still worked as a front-end developer, writing the markup and styles, but with more freedom given to the developers because we worked in React Native.

The Chirper was the first project the Digital Corps (and myself) did in React Native, and with many custom elements we needed to overcome many roadblocks along the way.


The Digital Corps, Ball State University


November 2017–May 2018

Skills & Tools

App design, React Native, Flexbox, Sketch, Prototyping

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