Kelli Reutman

front-end developer

Innovate WithIN™


Innovate WithIN is a state-wide pitch competition for young entrepreneurial students. Digital Corps was tasked with creating a brand, two websites, email and social media marketing campaigns, and various videos to establish and market the competition.

This website serves as a central hub for participants of Innovate WithIN. From competition dates to past winners, any information that an interested student may need can be found here. Once registered, students manage their submission on the dynamic profile page.


I joined this project while the design phase was wrapping up so my main role was as a developer. To start with, I established a design system to make page, text and form styling as reusable as possible. I spent a lot of time making sure the HTML was semantic, the CSS was reusable and responsive, and the entire site was accessible with assistive technology. Specifically, I was responsible for the profile page, the register page, all other forms, and various other components.

This was the largest and most comprehensive site I've worked on and it improved my ability to create and follow a design system.

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Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Indiana Department of Education

Ball State University


August 2018–February 2019

Skills & Tools

HTML, CSS, React, Flexbox, Accessibility, Responsive, Sketch

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